Ladder Assist Program

ARCANE Inspection Services, LLC works with the needs of homeowners, insurance carriers, adjusting firms and IA’s by providing property adjusters, both Independent and Staff, with ladder assist on residential and commercial property losses. We also provide inspections services to engineering, legal and architectural firms as needed.

Why use our Ladder Assist?

The days of small 4/12 Ranch style houses are few and far in-between.  The majority of the homes, in our market, being constructed today are raised two stories with steep roofs.

Majority of home owners, engineers and adjusters do not have the equipment or the mental aptitude to access these roof’s safely.  We have both the ability, tools, and knowledge to complete a through, complete, and accurate inspection; or just supply a ladder for you to access where you need to inspect.

We are able to provide access to a 2 or 3-story roof for the adjuster or engineer who does not transport larger ladders.  We are professional, accurate and provide all required documentation for the adjuster, when needed, during a ladder assist.

Our custom notification system will provide our clients with a text and an e-mail 24-hours prior to our scheduled inspection time. Our system will also send a reminder alert 2-hours before our arrival.  Additionally, we can work in Xactimate, Dropbox, or send reports via our custom template as needed. Our reports are customized for your needs.

  • Price may increase due to a catastrophic event such as Hurricanes, Tornados or other natural disasters. We will do our best to maintain our low prices, sometimes an unforeseen circumstance will not allow us to operate as we normally would.
  • When an appointment is scheduled, the price is also confirmed.
  • All invoices are due upon receipt or at time of service, in order to receive our customized report.
  • Net-Term Agreements are also available upon request with management approval.
  • Contact us for additional details.