Your Insurance Company Wants
Your New Roof to be Stronger

In several states, insurance companies are helping policyholders make their next roof stronger by offering FORTIFIED Discounts with FORTIFIED Roof endorsements.


While coverage varies by carrier, the added insurance is designed to make upgrading to a FORTIFIED Roof more affordable for homeowners. Endorsements are only triggered when a full roof replacement is otherwise covered by the insurer and only apply to homes that already meet the minimum eligibility standards of the FORTIFIED program.  

If your roof is new and not in need of replacing, then upgrading to FORTIFIED Roof can be a significant investment. Purchasing an endorsement won’t give you the next level protection of a FORTIFIED Roof, but it can ensure you won’t have to suffer through significant storm damage a second time. 

Insurance Company Discounts

Discounts with Fortified in Louisiana
Discounts with Fortified in Louisiana
Discounts with Fortified in Mississippi
Discounts with Fortified in Mississippi
Discounts with Fortified in Alabama
Discounts with Fortified in Alabama

Roofing or Re-Roofing

FORTIFIED Roof™ focuses on strengthening the roof to help keep it attached to your home during high winds and keep water out if roof covering (such as shingles or tiles) get blown off in a storm.
  • Improves roof sheathing attachment
  • Provides a sealed roof deck
  • Reduces chances of attic ventilation system failure (roof vents and gable end wall vents)

Best for Existing Homes

FORTIFIED Silver™ includes all the requirements of FORTIFIED Roof™ plus strengthens windows, doors, and gable ends and ensures attached structures like porches and carports are well anchored.
  • Protects all openings (glazed openings, entry doors, garage doors)
  • Strengthens gable ends and overhangs
  • Improves the anchorage of attached structures
  • Strengthens vinyl and aluminum soffits

Best for New Homes

FORTIFIED Gold™ adds to the FORTIFIED Roof™ and FORTIFIED Silver™ requirements by tying the structure together.
  • Provides continuous load path connections to better tie your house together―keeping the roof connected to the upper walls, the upper walls connected to the lower walls, and the lower walls tied down into the foundation
  • Adequately secures chimneys to the structure
  • Ensures exterior walls provide resistance to wind pressures and debris impact
  • Ensures windows and doors meet appropriate design pressures in addition to being protected from windborne debris