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Commercial Inspections

Property Inspections from the

ARCANE Inspection Services inspectors provide commercial inspections of your commercial building using Property Conditions Assessments (PCA) on commercial buildings that result in detailed Property Condition Reports.

Loan officers, asset managers, commercial realtors, buyers, and sellers shoulder a great amount of responsibility. All investment factors need to be understood before finalizing a financial decision. Establishing a firm, comprehensive grasp of a property’s conditions is vital.

The building’s integrity as a whole or any unforeseen repair costs is essential to keep in mind when it comes to any commercial real estate transaction. No matter where you are located, an ARCANE Inspection Services commercial professional can provide peace-of-mind for each stage of commercial property development:

  • Construction progress assessments review the quality and progress of commercial construction work. We can help verify the material adequacy materials and on-site workmanship quality.
  • Pre-listing inspections help investors and agents gauge possible repair costs through a site characteristic and building quality inspection.
  • Pre-lease and post-lease inspections furnishes landlords and tenants with an accurate understanding of a commercial building’s condition before any paperwork is officially signed.

When an ARCANE Inspection Services commercial building inspector needs extra information to serve you best, we leverage our TEAM Approach. This proprietary practice prioritizes and utilizes ARCANE Inspection Services’ consultant network, meaning we work with specialists whenever it’s necessary. 

Sometimes commercial buildings have unique problems. Not to worry. ARCANE Inspection Services can offer additional specialty services. From American with Disabilities (ADA) assessments, and many other requirements. We make sure your needs are met.

Commercial Inspections

Commercial Property Inspection Checklist

Gain confidence and leverage information. That’s what an ARCANE Inspection Services commercial building inspection can allow you to do. Our baseline commercial inspections cover almost all the bases, including the following: 

We have the know-how to inspect apartment and multi-unit buildings, no matter how big or small. Duplexes and other buildings with up to four units are inspected from top to bottom, much like a residential home. Those buildings with more than four units are thoroughly structurally assessed. Individual units are then inspected based on a random selection of units (up to twenty percent) or on your special instructions.

During a building’s construction, your lender may order commercial draw inspections at various stages of the process. This helps ensure that funds are being disbursed sensibly for the project and usually involves a simple check of completion on the inspector’s part. Our inspectors also perform more involved commercial draw inspections that assess whether a certain stage of construction has been completed satisfactorily using the best building practices. For instance, you might order an inspection for the pouring of a foundation, drywall installation or structural support beams.

Our inspectors have the expertise to assess your warehouse, distribution center or light industry manufacturing facility. For facilities that produce small consumer-oriented goods, like foods, beverages, personal care items, household products and clothing, ARCANE Inspection Services can provide a detailed report.

Employee and customer safety always come first. Order a commercial property inspection for your retail or office space to ensure that parking lots, roofing, plumbing, stairs and HVAC systems are all up to par.

Special purpose facilities include theaters, gyms, gas stations, hospitals and more. At ARCANE Inspection Services, we inspect it all, and you’ll receive a full electronic inspection report complete with digital photographs.

Similar to a multi-unit apartment inspection, our inspectors can choose a selection of hotel rooms or tailor their reports to your unique needs. From one story to high-rise, we inspect plumbing, appliances, HVAC systems and any other areas of concern.

When a commercial property changes tenants, it’s important to do a thorough assessment of the building for any damages accrued. Not only will a triple net lease inspection help you justify deposit decisions, it will help keep your next tenants safe and happy for the duration of their rental agreement. Lease inspections are also an excellent opportunity to catch any needed repairs before they progress into large-scale issues.