Post Storm Recovery

When Mother Nature strikes, the results can be devastating, and even if you’re lucky enough to experience only minor damage, rebuilding and repairing a home isn’t easy. FORTIFIED Post Storm Recovery can help make the process simpler by providing a network of trained professionals who can help you every step of the way. If you’ve very recently experienced a storm, learn what to do next to prevent further damage. Then, when you’re ready to rebuild, use the FORTIFIED construction method to make your home stronger and better able to withstand the next storm.

Hire Quality Contractors

After a storm, demand for contractors is high. After protecting your home from further damage, take your time to hire a company you trust.  Consider selecting a contractor or roofing contractor listed in the FORTIFIED directory—each of them is insured and licensed.*  Even better, when they repair your home or roof, they can build it back stronger by following the FORTIFIED construction method—making this the last time you have to go through this process. 

Available Funding

The US Small Business Association (SBA) offers disaster assistance in the form of low-interest loans to homeowners, renters, and business owners in regions affected by declared disasters. Loans are given to cover repairs and replacement of physical assets damaged in a declared disaster.

To protect homes and businesses from future storm damage, SBA will loan an additional 20% to property owners choosing to upgrade to the FORTIFIED standard. For more information about the SBA disaster loan program, visit

Download this checklist and take it to your roofer to get started.