Aerial Drone Services

The possibilities are endless with our Aerial Drone Services

There are so many advantages with the use of drones and how it allows almost everyone to find the use of our aerial drone services.

We specialize to meet the needs of Architects, Engineers, Real Estate Professionals, Insurance Adjusters including the Companies they represent, Roofing Companies, Property Managers, Commercial Asset Owners, Work/Construction Sites, Property/HomeOwners, or Future Property/HomeOwners.

Roof Inspections

Real estate agents have to look conditions of a property before they can estimate a fair selling price. This includes the interiors, the surrounding neighborhood, and yes – the roof. A detailed roof inspection can reveal damaged areas that a homeowner may want to repair to boost the selling price of a property.

Professional roofing repair services physically climb upon a roof. However, the risk and effort might not be worth it, if they are still in the phase of negotiating prices with a client. Providing an accurate estimate for a roof repair, a roof inspection will be required. In the hands of good drone pilots, a camera drone can be used to craft a highly detailed roof inspection report.

When natural disasters happen, such as hurricanes or tornadoes, the roof of a building takes the punishment. For this reason, property owners will typically make insurance claims. It is up to an insurance adjuster to physically visit these properties, assess damages, and determine a fair insurance claim.

There probably will be multiple properties in need of an insurance claim. It would be simply impractical for an insurance adjuster to spend the time climbing up onto each building. With our aerial drone services, the inspection of several properties can be done in a single day.

Property Owners will benefit from doing regular property/roof inspections. There’s no telling how regular wear and tear can slowly cause your roof to deteriorate, if you don’t inspect it regularly. One might even detect moss growth on your roof, which could get worse if unchecked.

Yes, it’s possible to inspect your own roof without a drone, but you’ll be more predisposed to do it regularly if you didn’t have to climb all the way up there yourself. Keep in mind, making minor repairs, even multiple ones, is still cheaper than doing a major repair when your roof gets so heavily damaged because it has been neglected by never being inspected.

Is it a good idea to use a drone?

Using a drone to do a job that has been done for years through old-fashioned “boots on the ground” will seem like a stretch.

It hardly can be argued, using a drone is a better alternative. Here are just some of the best reasons for using a drone:

One of the main reasons to use a drone, human life is not put within jeopardy while performing a roof inspection. Surveys have shown that a huge majority of injuries and deaths suffered in the roof inspection industry happens because of falls. By using drones instead, roof inspectors can reduce the risk to human life to virtually zero.

If you were an insurance adjuster who had to visit ten homes in a single day and inspect each roof manually, then you might not even enough time. Aside from the time and effort spent to climb a roof, you will have to make lots of manual measurements and snap several photos – all with the tentativeness of someone walking in a high-altitude, possibly damaged, roof.

According to roof inspection companies, using a drone allows them to finish jobs three times faster than if they did them using traditional methods. This capability also lets them offer more premium services because they can commit to shorter turnover times and more detailed roof inspections reports.

Another disadvantage of walking around on top of a roof while taking measurements is that there are simply areas that cannot be accessed by people. Whether it’s an overhanging feature or a small recessed section, drones are more equipped to get up close and personal with these inaccessible areas. If you’ve been having your roof inspected the old-fashioned way for years, then these areas might have been neglected for the longest time.

A professional roof inspection crew will come with a van full of ladders, cameras, ropes, harnesses, and measuring tapes to do a detailed inspection job. A drone-based roof inspector will arrive on-site with just the drone – nothing else. Doing a roof inspection using a drone is logistically simpler. In turn, it is also faster and cheaper. Even an ultra-portable drone that fits in a small backpack can do a roof inspection job according to professional standards.

The level of sophistication of modern drone technology is also one of the advantages of using a drone for roof inspection. Camera drones aren’t just for capturing high-definition photographs of the condition of your roof, but the aerial photos can also be combined to create a 3D model. This is done through a method called photogrammetry – a technique of 3D modelling that uses multiple photos of a single object.

The benefit of being able to create a 3D model from a roof is that you can virtually revisit the site anytime. You can also take length, area, and volume measurements from the 3D model. With a 3D model, there’s no detail on the inspection job that you can miss, as you can simply review the model anytime.